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Vacuum lifters

Range of high quality vacuum lifters that can lift all types of materials up to 50 tonnes.

Aero Clad Boy

Autonomous suction-cup yoke up to 800 kg A solution that helps the handling to lift the panels heavy and bulky outdoors in total autonomy thanks to batteries high performance. Easy to transport with its compact architecture and easily storable casing. Installing sidings or roofs is now simple thanks to Clad Boy. Additional information  Capacity 800 […]

Aero Clad Tec

An outside lifting solution for glazing Clad Tec is a suction-cup yoke that can lift glazing weighing up to 1000 kg outside thanks to integrated batteries which provide long-term autonomy. Operators can therefore now manage the handling of heavy glazing in complete independence. Additional information  Capacity Up to 500 kg Load Format Glass panels Diameter […]

Aero Timber

Lifting of beams up to 500 kg Suction-cup yoke for lifting beams without effort. Suction cups prevent damage to the load while guaranteeing unrivalled comfort of use. The Aero Timber handling assistance solution allows operators to lift the beams on their own! Ideal for joinery. Additional information  Capacity 500 kg as standard Load Format Beams […]

Aero Poro

Handling of porous panels weighing up to 900 kg Vacuum handling of wood is a solution that allows huge increases in productivity and ergonomics! Nevertheless, this raw material is porous, which poses specific technical problems. Aero Poro is a suction-cup yoke which is used for lifting wood panels and thus removes the risk of MSS […]

Aero Reverser 180°

Reverses to 180° metal, plastic and glazing panels weighing up to 250kg Panels sometimes need to be reversed by 180° during treatment of surfaces, painting, or laser cutting processes. Aero Reverser 180° provides a solution to this problem with a simple and effective pneumatic reversal system, that increases both comfort and productivity. Additional information  Capacity […]

Aero Tilter 90°

Handling of panels with grip or inclination to 90° On sites where metal panels, plastic or generally non-porous panels are made, problems of storage can lead to movement and removal of panels in sections, and require tilting. Aero Tilter 90° helps resolve the problems of lifting panels weighing up to 1 tonne. Additional information  Capacity […]

Aero Flat to Flat

Handling of panels up to 40 tonnes The handling of sheets of metal or non-porous materials (plastic, melamine etc) in the production process, can require several people to lift extremely heavy loads and move them quickly and accurately. Thanks to Aero Flat to Flat, a single operator can lift large loads weighing up to 2 tonnes. Additional […]

MASTER Plus – Articulated Arm option

Lifting-tube manipulator for heavy loads up to 250 kg. Designed specifically for lifting heavy and/or bulky loads to a height, the Master Plus control handle with articulated arm option ensures excellent ergonomics during handling operations. Additional information  Type of handle Rotary control handle Weight of control handle 9,5 kg Weight felt 0 kg Dimensions of […]

MASTER Plus – Load Tilter Option

MASTER Plus – Load Tilter Option Designed for ergonomic handling of panels, Master Plus with tipper option is a lifting-tube handling solution that can carry and tilt bulky loads up to 180 kg. Ideal for joinery, glazing and production lines handling plastic panels, sheeting etc… Additional information  Type of handle Rotary control handle Weight of […]


The solution for bulky loads: Handling by lifting-tube, up to 300 kg Thanks to its extended arm, Master Plus is the ideal tool for rapid and effortless lifting of heavy and/or voluminous loads allowing grip and removal at a distance, and a yoke with several suction cups to balance the grip of wooden or plastic […]


Lifting-tube handling solution for loads up to 300 kg Master Fast allows comfortable and accurate double-handed handling thanks to its rotary handle. The operator can manage the speed of lifting and lowering the load, and the height at which it must be stabilized., with great accuracy. The + Master: A system for removing loads in […]

Ergo Fast

Ideal for palletising cartons, crates and drums up to 30 kg. Lifting-tube manipulator designed to move loads one-handed while maintaining a sustained pace. The operator places the control handle at the top of its load to grip and handle it in complete safety. Protection against unwanted falls of loads: ERGO Fast requires the operator to […]


Lifting Device for assistance with manual handling of loads up to 150 kg. Thanks to its standard extended and articulated control handle, Easy Plus allows effortless handling of height of heavy loads on the ground and at a height, while maintaining a permanent ergonomic posture. The operators then become self-reliant when handling loads requiring several […]


Weight up to 50 kg An assistance device for manual handling, which reproduces the usual movements of operators in their positions with two-handed handling. The whole thing is made more manoeuvrable when the load is heavy, thus increasing productivity. EASY Fast allows lifting of loads that are normally difficult to handle, such as bags, boxes, […]

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