Electric tugs for the handling of heavy loads on forklifts

Robik products set new standards and boast multiple strengths: on the one hand, their compact structure, with a special, appealing design, and on the other, an amazing lifting strength of 3,000 to 12,000 kg.

When positioning the loads, the Robik lifts and moves the load vertically to the ideal position for maximum traction.

The load to be transported is thus positioned on the top but behind the front drive axle.

Thanks to this principle, we have been able to reduce the total length of the Robik, making it particularly easy to handle, but with an impressive load capacity.

Also designed as a shuttle/locomotive for towing wheeled objects.

Additional information 
Towing and pushing on level ground+/-20,000 kg
Lifting on level ground+/-12,000 kg
Weight645 kg
Dimensions (WxWxH1xH2)H1 and H2 min/max loading surface height
Application fields 
General characteristicsApplication fieldsStrenghts
Power supply 24V dcUnconventional loads on wheelsThe most compact
CE certificationTrailers, machinery and various wheeled objectsThe easiest to handle
Patent filedSpecial industrial processesThe most powerful
Steel frame, polyester powder coatingHeavy duty trailer industryCan be used on different surfaces
Colour Anthracite grey and orangeIndustrial automation processesSuitable for working in narrow spaces
Radio controlHeavy construction mechanicsMaximum safety
Max. forward/reverse speed 3km/hIndustrial shipbuildingEfficient handling
Trailer hitch on requestNautical construction and sea servicesCost reduction
External battery chargerAerospace industryMaximises investment
Automotive industryHigh quality
Railway industryRadio control
Wind industryMade in Italy
Chemical, textile, glass and paper industry
Steel industry and metal carpentry
Plastic and metal extrusion industry
Production and assembly

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