Lifting-tube handling solution for loads up to 300 kg

Master Fast allows comfortable and accurate double-handed handling thanks to its rotary handle. The operator can manage the speed of lifting and lowering the load, and the height at which it must be stabilized., with great accuracy.
The + Master: A system for removing loads in complete safety allows release of grip without risk of accident.

Additional information 
Type of handleRotary control handle
Weight of control handle5.1 kg
Weight felt0 kg
Dimensions of control handle300 x 150 x 100 mm
Compatible gripping toolsSuckers, forks, hooks, pincers etc
Maximum removal height1500 mm
Type of motorTurbine motor suction unit
Soundproof casing optionAvailable
Motor power3 or 4 kW (depending on load)
Electricity supply230V tri-phase / 400V tri-phase
Max pressure drop– 600mbar
Change of handle colour possibleYes
Available in stainless steel versionYes
Compatible with ATEX 2.2 zones
Guarantee1 year

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