Handling of panels up to 40 tonnes

The handling of sheets of metal or non-porous materials (plastic, melamine etc) in the production process, can require several people to lift extremely heavy loads and move them quickly and accurately.
Thanks to Aero Flat to Flat, a single operator can lift large loads weighing up to 2 tonnes.

Additional information 
CapacityUp to 40 tonnes
Load FormatPanels, all dimensions (without limits!)
Dimensions of suction cupsFrom 110 to 350 mm
Adjustment of suckersYes
Main beam2200 mm standard / additional measurement unlimited
Transverse beam1000 mm standard / additional measurement unlimited
Height of device750-950 mm standard
Type of supply230V / 400V / 24V (with batteries)
Type of controlSliding valve / push-button / radio control

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